Selected Projects


Physically-Based Path Tracer

This path tracer was written as part of ETH Zurich's computer graphics course. During the course, we had to implement features such as unidirectional path tracing and photon mapping. The course concluded with a rendering competition. Everyone had to select and implement features that they wanted to and then render the prettiest image possible. The image on the left is a crop of my final submission for the competition.



A virtual reality application for HTC Vive that can help users practice talks and presentations. This is a personal project that I worked on during the summer of 2017. It can open normal PDFs in virtual reality and includes features such as laser pointers, file browsing and timers. Everything was made using Unity and the SteamVR API. 


CUDA Ray Marching

I wrote a CUDA ray marcher to quickly visualize fractals when you have access to a distance estimator formula. As part of the project, I also wrote a blog post explaining how ray marching works and how to implement it in CUDA. The code is available on Github.


Houdini Demo Reel