Presto - A VR Application to Practice Presentations

Presto is a recent personal project that I have been working on a little over a month in my spare time. It's a VR application made for practicing presentations and talks. It can open up normal PDF files and display them in virtual reality. 

The source code is available on Github. And a prebuilt version can be found here. Presto also depends on GhostScript, which has to be downloaded and installed before running Presto. HTC Vive is currently the only HMD that is supported.


 If you want to add features, please don't hesitate to do so and make a pull request if you want.  Check out the README on Github to learn how to use Presto and watch the video on the left to see what using Presto looks like. 

The program will start with a main menu scene where you can select a scene to load up. It will open up a scene if you point and press the trigger. Each scene has a certain amount of screens on which the PDF slides are displayed.

A file can be selected by opening up the file browser window with the menu button. The menu also contains a few buttons such as The home button that takes you back to the main menu and a settings button that lets you, for example, show a timer and reverse its counting direction. A timer is started by pointing and pressing the trigger. Time can be added or removed from the timer by pointing at it and pressing the left and right sides of the touch pad. These same controls are used to change slides of PDFs. Finally, by pointing at a screen and holding a trigger down a laser pointer will be visible.

Custom scenes can be added to Presto easily, follow the instructions in the Github README to learn more.